July 2011 Update

We are delighted to announce that the boys of HFLM are officially living in their new home! The day of our move several of the boys stood up praising God for all that He has given us. Djuhudi reflected that if HFLM staff had not found him, he would not be alive today. God has taken Djuhudi from living in a hospital bed to thriving in a beautiful new home.

(Moving Day)

A week after moving into our new house, HFLM threw a party celebrating God’s thorough provision. The boys invited their friends and neighbors. During the celebration, HFLM staff slipped out of the main room and surprised the boys as they rode into the house on brand new bikes generously donated by Northlake Christian Church. The children immediately jumped out of their seats screaming with absolute joy and delight!

(Gakuru Driving the Younger Boys)

A Moody Bible Institute student, Jonathan Villanueva, is completing an internship in Rwanda. He has been teaching our boys English in his spare time. Throughout the week, Hilliary regularly feels a slight tug on her shirt and an eager voice asking, “When is teacher Jonny coming next to teach us English!?”

In the last few months, many challenges and important changes occurred, including: moving into our new home, accepting two more boys into our program, and seeing shifts in HFLM’s leadership. Please continue to join us in prayer during this transition. If you are interested in becoming a monthly financial sponsor, or would like to give a one time donation for a specific cause (such as furniture needs), please contact Hilliary at andersonhfl@gmail.com. We are so grateful for all your support in transforming the lives of our beloved boys! From the bottom of our excited hearts, we all shout thank you!


HFLM Staff

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