April Update

Recent News

  • We now have 11 boys in our program!
  • Our HFL staff found Habimana, one of the boys who was accepted into a different program, on the streets. He said he ran away because he was being abused, and he has now been taken into HFL for fear that he would be caught and put into jail again. Thus, we now have 11 boys in the program.
  • “The boys are doing very well. They love going to school so much, they learn quickly, and are looking forward to going to primary school. We are enjoying the way they are behaving. We wish you could be there to see them. They spend much of their evenings in prayer praising God for what He’s done for them and praying for the other vulnerable children of Rwanda.” – Josiane
  • Additionally, the boys have fallen in love with the night caretaker, Emmanuel, who wants to quit his other job and be at the home full time. He has been a great and godly father influence on the boys – praying and playing with them.

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