May and June Update

Recent News
  • The boys were all tested for HIV, and all results were negative! We are immensely proud of the children for their bravery in getting tested, as they were very frightened.
  • The children continue to LOVE and cherish the opportunity to go to school. After attending class all day, staff report that the boys come home wanting to learn more. Thus, the boys receive additional lessons from staff in the evenings! Because the boys are learning to write in school, they often bring home notes for staff decorated with hearts and drawings of the HFL home.
  • Play For Hope, a sports ministry organization, is running a soccer camp at HFL for our boys next month! We are hoping this will be a great outlet for them to interact with other community members, and to receive love and encouragement from positive role models.
  • Megan is graduating from college this month and has decided to go back to Rwanda in October to work alongside HFL staff! She will stay for at least a few months and would appreciate your prayers, even now. More information will come later…

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