Update for March

Recent News
  • The Lord is still moving in this work! We have received more monthly financial commitments, and we are trusting and praying that God will provide for the rest of our monetary needs.
  • The children have begun remedial school at the local church to catch up to where they need to be academically in order to enter public school. They are thrilled for the opportunity!
  • A few of the boys are fighting drug addictions. While they were on the streets and in jail, drugs were readily accessible and a few got addicted. Pray for them as they are recovering.
  • “By the power of our prayers and yours, a lot has been done in the boys’ spirits. Now when you talk to the ones who were tempted by drugs, they tell you that they don’t miss drugs or street life anymore. We thank God for that. The boys are doing good and are improving from street life; they are obedient and hard workers…” –Rwandan staff member, Josiane

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