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The boys are officially out of prison and in the home! Additionally, progress is going better than we had hoped! Josiane emailed us with word that the children are very eager in helping out around the house through cleaning, cooking, washing clothes, and helping bathe the younger ones. A Rwandan community member has offered to pay for the boys to take reading and writing classes, since they have never learned to read or write. The classes will be held at a local church on Mondays. In order to generate a small income, they are going to buy rabbits to breed and sell. Also, a soccer ball and a small black and white TV were given to the home from the local community, so that the boys wouldn’t get bored in the evenings. These efforts are promoting the self-sufficiency and local community involvement we are aiming for!

Friday 3/13-

  • We began renting a house in an area called Kabuga in Kigali Rwanda. The house has four bedrooms, a living room, and three cottages. These cottages will serve as the living quarters for the cook, a prayer room, and as an office. Housed in a quiet neighborhood and lined with a fence, this property suits our needs very well.

  • Josiane and Chantal also did some shopping for the home and boys. They bought all the necessary items to begin running the home, along with clothes for the boys.

Saturday 3/14-

  • Josiane and Chantal went to the prison to get the boys. However, when they got there, they were told that three of the boys, Habimana, Claude, and Bikoti had been accepted into a program called African Evangelist Enterprise. This is a Christian organization that runs throughout Africa and takes care of orphans until they are in University. These three boys are now living at the AEE center, and Josiane told us they are very happy to be accepted into their program.

  • While at the prison, two other young boys, ages five and seven, began crying and begging to come to HFL. Josiane and Chantal couldn’t abandon them, so they are currently in our program also. We have 10 boys living at the home, and we have been told that they are doing very well and are pleased with their new and different lives.

Donators and Donations-

  • If you have pledged to commit monthly, don’t forget to start sending your donations in.
  • Our website now has PayPal monthly, which means you can sign up on our website (http://www.hopeforlife.us/) to have funds taken out of you account automatically each month.
  • Send Checks to :
    Breakthrough Partners
    617 Dayton St., Ste. 2
    Edmonds, WA 98020

    **Make the check out to Breakthrough Partners, BUT make sure to write Hope for Life, Megan Swanson or Hilliary Anderson somewhere on the check so that the Breakthrough Staff knows to designate your gift to us!


  • We are still short on monthly funds, so please be praying for us!

From the boys and our staff, thank you for your life giving support, encouragement, and prayers!

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