Megan Reunited with Boys after 3.5 Years!

This holiday school break has been a very special time for the boys at HFLM. After being apart for three-and-a-half years, the children were reunited with co-founder Megan Chao and her husband, Yao! It was a very joyous reunion full of basketball, games, and making new memories together.

The highlight for most children, however, was traveling to Rwanda’s national safari park to view wildlife for the first time. Squeals of delight and surprise filled the bus as zebras, giraffes, monkeys, and warthogs sprinted around us. With an enormous grin shining from his face, 16-year-old Olivier exclaimed, “This is my favorite trip of my whole life!” It was truly a special day that will always be remembered. Click here to view a glimpse of the safari.

Megan and Yao visiting HFLM and taking the boys on their first Safari!

Yao playing with Benjamin and Claude.

The boys’ vacations have also been enriched by a remarkable young woman, Amanda Good. Amanda is a volunteer from Colorado who has committed to living and serving in Rwanda for the next two years. She brings deep passion and talent to our team and has been busy assisting our Directors, developing sustainability projects, and leading weekly Bible studies for our children and staff, among many other responsibilities. She recently made prayer journals for each of the boys that have been an immensely powerful resource for them to record their prayers, thoughts, and emotions, while also developing their personal relationships with Jesus. One boy wrote, “I remember when You picked me from the street. I didn’t realize that I could stop that life but You showed me that You are able as God. You didn’t stop there. You helped my family. It is not easy for us as humans, but for You, it is simple. Thank You so much for that. I need You to put me among your servants forever and ever.”

Amanda spending time with Claude, who goes by his nickname “Littleman.”
We are immensely grateful for Amanda’s commitment to serve alongside us, and we rejoice at the fruit already being displayed from her efforts. If you would like to follow Amanda’s journey in Rwanda, please visit her blog.

We hope you had a terrific holiday season, and we look forward to partnering with you in 2015 for our sixth year of ministry in Rwanda!


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