HFLM September 2011 Update

During the boy’s recent three week long vacation, our four boys attending boarding school came home. One of these children is Veterne who resides at an orthopedic center where he has been undergoing physical therapy and continuing his studies. Upon arriving to HFLM, Veterne eagerly showed everyone his leg braces that slip over his feet and connect at his hips. He shakily stood, slipped his arms through his crutches, and began walking. It gave all of us so much joy to see Veterne walking for the first time! He has now returned to the orthopedic center to continue physical therapy to strengthen his leg muscles and enable him to walk further distances. After a great three weeks of vacation, the boys have returned to finish their third trimester of school.

Young Tuyizere, who has been with HFLM since April, has returned to live with his mother. After greatly missing her, HFLM staff accompanied him to try and locate his mother’s home. The area where Tuyizere’s mom lives is immensely poor and prone to violence, but they were finally able to locate her small shack. During their visit, Tuyizere decided that he’d like to remain with his mother instead of returning to HFLM. Even though his mother wishes for him to return to HFLM as she doesn’t possess the means to care for her son or send him to school, we must respect the child’s wishes. We are concerned about the situation and are hoping that Tuyizere will change his mind. Please join us in prayer for his protection and for his future.

In January, HFLM is launching a new reconciliation program! In partnership with local organizations, we will offer training in income generation to the children’s parents. For several boys in HFLM, the only reason they cannot stay with their parents is immense poverty. In these situations, we hope that through this program we can equip families to begin earning an income and reunite some of the boys with their families.

Hilliary has returned to Seattle for the first three and a half weeks of September. Before she left, the boys curiously bombarded her with questions about America. One of the youngest boys inquisitively asked if there were trees in America and then shyly asked if America has a sun. They were shocked when she teasingly responded that there was no sun in America!

We can’t thank you enough for your continued partnership with HFLM. Although we continue to face many challenges, it is always encouraging to know there are so many who are faithfully supporting us by giving of your hearts, your prayers and your resources. Thank you for believing in our boys!

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