October 2011 Update

After spending almost a month in the USA, HFLM warmly received Hilliary back to Rwanda. We have found October to already be a busy month as we’ve witnessed God continuing to move and as we face several new challenges.

One area that HFLM is excited about is the spiritual growth in the boys since coming to HFLM, especially noticeable in 13-year-old Djuhudi. When he first came to HFLM, Djuhudi clung to his Islamic roots and refused to go to church or pray with the rest of the children. In the last several months, however, we have witnessed God greatly moving in Djuhudi’s heart. One afternoon, after hearing a message on salvation, the boys had the opportunity to share what they’d learned. Djuhudi proclaimed, “I now know that when I die and come before God, I will not be saved because of my good works, but because of my faith in Jesus Christ.” This is an incredibly encouraging reminder to us of the purpose of our work.

Conversely, many new challenges have surfaced at HFLM. We ask you to join us in prayer over the difficulties we are facing as it has come to our attention that two former staff members have taken up residence near HFLM’s home and have been meeting with our boys on their way to school. The boys have been greatly influenced by these meetings, and several are under a strong power of manipulation. We know that children are easily influenced, and our prayer is that they would not be influenced by evil, but instead by what is Godly and true. Please pray for them to have discernment, to not to be easily swayed towards evil, and that the lies and manipulations of these former staff members would cease.

We also ask you to join us in prayer for team unity. We have hired several new staff members and are all trying to learn how to work together. In light of the other challenges we are facing, we ask you to pray that our new team will be able to serve together in unity and receive strength to handle the challenges of ministry and working with children from adverse backgrounds.

Another tangible way you can assist us is by contributing towards purchasing additional Bibles. In spite of the difficulties HFLM is facing, we feel this would be an especially valuable time to invest in this project. If you would like to contribute please email Hilliary at andersonhfl@gmail.com. Thank you for continuing to stand in partnership with us. None of the progress we see would be possible without you.

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