June 2013 Update

This last month has truly been a time of blessings and God’s providence. The blessings began with three boys giving their hearts to the Lord and being baptized. We are excited to share how God has even further moved the hearts of Torey and other volunteers and brought the team of support we have been praying for at HFLM.

The biggest highlight for me (Hilliary) this month was getting a phone call from Torey Rozario saying she has been praying and would love to return to Rwanda and serve HFLM in the position of Executive Director. A huge burden has been lifted from me now that God has brought a team of support. Torey’s decision to serve as Executive Director enables me to take a needed rest from my responsibilities in Rwanda. This answer to our prayers for an Executive Director allows me to return to the States and oversee the all-important task of fundraising as well as other activities for HFLM. The HFLM board, staff, and I are incredibly grateful for Torey’s heart and overjoyed to have her return to Rwanda.
Family and friends after the baptism. Front, left to right: Eric and his sister Rachel. Back, left to right: Emile, Chantal, Patrick and his mother, Olivier and his mother
The joyful spirit continued as we held a large celebration at HFLM this past month for the baptism of Patrick, Emile, and Olivier. We invited neighbors and the boys’ families, and were happy to have Patrick’s and Olivier’s mothers attend. The Church choir came and sang and the pastor shared an encouraging message from the Word of God. The boys had a great day and declared their intention to bear good fruits. We all had to laugh when Patrick told his mother, “I am going to be obedient now and I have left all evil things in the water.” It has been remarkable watching Patrick grow since his arrival at HFLM a year ago. He came with a hardened heart and was one of the more rebellious children at the home. God’s softening of his heart has brought joy in his life, developed his character and furthered his desire to be a loving and obedient. 
The Church choir singing with the staff and children at HFLM
Please keep the boys in your prayers. Pray for God to continue the good work He has started in their lives and that they would remain encouraged in their walks with Christ. I will be returning to Rwanda this month to manage HFLM until Torey arrives. Please pray for safe travel and for continued healing for health issues I have been struggling with.
And a big thanks to those of you who have donated towards the goal of purchasing computers and software to take with me on my return to Rwanda.


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