October Update

(The 6 HFL boys who passed their district exams!)

It has been a busy month and we have much to report!

  • We have accepted 5 new boys who are all orphans into HFL, bringing the total number of kids in our care to 15. Since being in the home, they have become part of the church choir and staff report they are “very happy to be living a different life.”
  • As a result of the outreach program HFL recently began, 20 young men have stopped taking drugs and alcohol and have accepted Christ. Additionally, staff have started teaching reading, writing and English classes to the young men who come to the outreach each week.
  • 6 of the eldest boys (pictured above) recently took a district level exam on reading, writing, math and biology and all the boys passed! We are so proud of their hard work.

(The five new boys who have joined Hope For Life.)

Please Pray!
  • Please continue to join us in prayer. One boy has decided to leave HFL. The vast majority of children’s homes and orphanages report having similar problems with the children in their care. Pray that he decides to come back, that God protects him, and that he wouldn’t have power in convincing any of the other boys to join him in returning to the streets.
  • Also, Megan is leaving for a 4-8 month trip to Rwanda on November 21st and could use your prayers for wisdom, preparation and the Lord’s constant guidance.

(Street boys bathing at HFL’s weekly outreach program.)

We continue to move forward in our work knowing that God sustains the work He starts in each of us (Hebrews 12:2). Thank you for continued support to bring smiles, life and hope to the faces of countless boys in Rwanda.


September Update

Together, we’ve done so much!

This month we celebrate 6 months of work amongst street children in Rwanda! Each week, we continue to receive positive reports from Rwanda documenting the healing, growth, and holistic transformation of these 11 boys. Since March, you have helped to rescue formerly homeless children from jail, provide them with basic necessities, equip and train 4 Rwandan leaders, and offer education, Christian mentorship and a second chance at life.
As we celebrate all that has been done, we remain keenly aware that this work has been made possible because of your compassion and generosity. We hope that you are encouraged with what you have heard and seen, and that your faith is being strengthened by what God is doing in and through us.
Progress Spotlight: Pascal

“When we started the house, Pascal was the worst behaved boy among all the others. He couldn’t listen, he fought with the others, and told other boys to escape and go take drugs. When the kids began school, he couldn’t listen to the teacher, and he didn’t know the alphabet. 6 months later, Pascal has passed 1st and 2nd grade and is even able to follow along in English class! His behaviors have completely changed. He is obedient, kind, and helpful and he has surrendered his life to God. When you ask him if he could go back and take drugs, he responds, “ No way!” –HFL Staff Member, Josiane Uwamaliya
HFL Boys initiate weekly outreach to street
“Entirely on their own, they urgently pleaded with us for the privilege of sharing in this service to the saints.” 2 Corinthians 8: 3-4

Staff in Rwanda have started an evangelistic outreach to other street children in the Kigali area. Each week, 40-50 street youth have been coming to a church service at the HFL home, which includes prayer, preaching, worship and basic social work services. Several of the kids have been saved, numerous have vowed to stop using drugs, and others are deciding to return to their homes and try to reconcile with their parents. Additionally, local community members are beginning to get more involved in helping to mentor the kids. Perhaps the most encouraging aspect of this outreach is that the idea originated from the 11 boys in HFL’s home. As they began dedicating their lives to Christ and praying for other street kids in Rwanda, they expressed the desire to reach out and proposed to begin this outreach. At the church service, they help bathe the street kids and wash their clothes. We have been deeply encouraged that generosity and compassion is being rooted in these children as a result of the hope and joy you have given to them.
Praise & Prayers

  • Staff are looking for Claude, a street boy who was previously enrolled in a different street youth program. He is back on the streets or in jail. Pray that HFL staff find him soon.
  • The kid’s teachers continue to give positive reports on how quickly the boys are progressing academically, especially in their English lessons.
  • The rabbits HFL purchased have had another round of bunnies, which will soon be ready to sell at the market.


August Update

As we look back on the past 5 months, we are in awe at all that we have been given and all the ways that God has blessed our efforts. We hope the news below encourages you.


  • Each child has gained at least 10 pounds due to receiving consistent food at HFL.
  • The boys recently told staff that they wanted to be baptized! Their holistic growth is evident by the physical, psychological, relational and spiritual transformations they are experiencing. This kind of holistic change is exactly what we’ve been praying for.
  • We continue to receive positive reports from HFL’S partnering organizations regarding staff leadership, each boy’s development, and the overall infrastructure of HFL.

Prayer Requests:

  • Claude: A boy we worked with last summer, Claude, was formerly in a children’s program called AEE, but is now back on the streets. HFL staff is considering accepting him into the home.
  • Grants: We have an opportunity through Moody Bible Institute to receive $15-20,000. These funds would be allocated for self-sufficiency promotion, reserve funds, and infrastructure


July Happenings

We praise God for His faithfulness in providing each month for the HFL home! It has been a busy but encouraging month.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • The HFL home moved to a new location. The new house is even better as it has 4 bedrooms, a dining room, living room and 2 indoor bathrooms.
  • The boys and staff have designated every Wednesday as a prayer day at the home They spend their evenings praying and hearing guest ministers from their community. They invite all HFL supporters to join them in prayer and fasting on Wednesdays.
  • Play For Hope, a Rwandan sports ministry, worked with our kids last month. They had a great time forming relationships with other kids and the Play For Hope staff while improving their soccer skills—an activity they rarely got to enjoy living on the streets.
    The boys continue to study and are now excitedly learning English in remedial school!

Prayer Requests:

  • We continue to be short on monthly financial commitments. Please join us in lifting up this request to God.
  • Yves, the boy featured below, is having difficulty in school. Pray for him to be able to follow along in class and to not give up in his studies.

May and June Update

Recent News
  • The boys were all tested for HIV, and all results were negative! We are immensely proud of the children for their bravery in getting tested, as they were very frightened.
  • The children continue to LOVE and cherish the opportunity to go to school. After attending class all day, staff report that the boys come home wanting to learn more. Thus, the boys receive additional lessons from staff in the evenings! Because the boys are learning to write in school, they often bring home notes for staff decorated with hearts and drawings of the HFL home.
  • Play For Hope, a sports ministry organization, is running a soccer camp at HFL for our boys next month! We are hoping this will be a great outlet for them to interact with other community members, and to receive love and encouragement from positive role models.
  • Megan is graduating from college this month and has decided to go back to Rwanda in October to work alongside HFL staff! She will stay for at least a few months and would appreciate your prayers, even now. More information will come later…

April Update

Recent News

  • We now have 11 boys in our program!
  • Our HFL staff found Habimana, one of the boys who was accepted into a different program, on the streets. He said he ran away because he was being abused, and he has now been taken into HFL for fear that he would be caught and put into jail again. Thus, we now have 11 boys in the program.
  • “The boys are doing very well. They love going to school so much, they learn quickly, and are looking forward to going to primary school. We are enjoying the way they are behaving. We wish you could be there to see them. They spend much of their evenings in prayer praising God for what He’s done for them and praying for the other vulnerable children of Rwanda.” – Josiane
  • Additionally, the boys have fallen in love with the night caretaker, Emmanuel, who wants to quit his other job and be at the home full time. He has been a great and godly father influence on the boys – praying and playing with them.

Update for March

Recent News
  • The Lord is still moving in this work! We have received more monthly financial commitments, and we are trusting and praying that God will provide for the rest of our monetary needs.
  • The children have begun remedial school at the local church to catch up to where they need to be academically in order to enter public school. They are thrilled for the opportunity!
  • A few of the boys are fighting drug addictions. While they were on the streets and in jail, drugs were readily accessible and a few got addicted. Pray for them as they are recovering.
  • “By the power of our prayers and yours, a lot has been done in the boys’ spirits. Now when you talk to the ones who were tempted by drugs, they tell you that they don’t miss drugs or street life anymore. We thank God for that. The boys are doing good and are improving from street life; they are obedient and hard workers…” –Rwandan staff member, Josiane


HFL is now up and running!

Recent News
The boys are officially out of prison and in the home! Additionally, progress is going better than we had hoped! Josiane emailed us with word that the children are very eager in helping out around the house through cleaning, cooking, washing clothes, and helping bathe the younger ones. A Rwandan community member has offered to pay for the boys to take reading and writing classes, since they have never learned to read or write. The classes will be held at a local church on Mondays. In order to generate a small income, they are going to buy rabbits to breed and sell. Also, a soccer ball and a small black and white TV were given to the home from the local community, so that the boys wouldn’t get bored in the evenings. These efforts are promoting the self-sufficiency and local community involvement we are aiming for!

Friday 3/13-

  • We began renting a house in an area called Kabuga in Kigali Rwanda. The house has four bedrooms, a living room, and three cottages. These cottages will serve as the living quarters for the cook, a prayer room, and as an office. Housed in a quiet neighborhood and lined with a fence, this property suits our needs very well.

  • Josiane and Chantal also did some shopping for the home and boys. They bought all the necessary items to begin running the home, along with clothes for the boys.

Saturday 3/14-

  • Josiane and Chantal went to the prison to get the boys. However, when they got there, they were told that three of the boys, Habimana, Claude, and Bikoti had been accepted into a program called African Evangelist Enterprise. This is a Christian organization that runs throughout Africa and takes care of orphans until they are in University. These three boys are now living at the AEE center, and Josiane told us they are very happy to be accepted into their program.

  • While at the prison, two other young boys, ages five and seven, began crying and begging to come to HFL. Josiane and Chantal couldn’t abandon them, so they are currently in our program also. We have 10 boys living at the home, and we have been told that they are doing very well and are pleased with their new and different lives.

Donators and Donations-

  • If you have pledged to commit monthly, don’t forget to start sending your donations in.
  • Our website now has PayPal monthly, which means you can sign up on our website ( to have funds taken out of you account automatically each month.
  • Send Checks to :
    Breakthrough Partners
    617 Dayton St., Ste. 2
    Edmonds, WA 98020

    **Make the check out to Breakthrough Partners, BUT make sure to write Hope for Life, Megan Swanson or Hilliary Anderson somewhere on the check so that the Breakthrough Staff knows to designate your gift to us!


  • We are still short on monthly funds, so please be praying for us!

From the boys and our staff, thank you for your life giving support, encouragement, and prayers!

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